Old Man Emu Heavy Duty Suspension Kit - 

Old Man Emu Heavy Duty Suspension Kit - 9393HD2A

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Nitrocharger Sport Shocks For Discovery Series II:

The new Nitrocharger Sport Shock from Old Man Emu is the most finely tuned, advanced and innovative shock absorber on the market! OME's ride control engineers have tested and proven its durability through extensive laboratory and Outback testing. Engineered for both on-road drivability and off-road touring, the Nitrocharger Sport instantly adapts to the terrain. Improved low and high speed control increases comfort and control over all road surfaces.


Nitrocharger Sport shocks offer a completely new valving concept. They combine the valving advantages of a mono tube while still keeping the construction and design advantages of a twin tube shock absorber. The result is a new breed in shocks offering both on-road and off-road performance with the quality and design that only Old Man Emu can offer.


These shocks are fully compatible with OME's extensive range of springs and hardware for a complete integrated suspension system and come with a 3-year, 60,000km warranty.




New 35mm High Flow Piston with a less restricted, high-flow piston design and Teflon band for reduced friction. Design reduces heat generation and fade and open apertures present more uniform flow to the bleed discs and disc stacks for more consistent control.

Improved Cylinder End Compression Stack with extra discs, varied diameters and a multi-staging mid-range offering a softer and more compliant primary stage and a heavier second stage to control the big hits.

New Ten Disc Rebound Stack with rebound controlled by oil flow over a new deflective disc stack with up to ten discs to control rebound. The ten discs allow almost infinite tuning options, resulting in a refined ride for all road conditions.

New Ten Disc Compression Stack is an all new above the piston. The ten discs on provide many tuning options and permit management of oil flow back above the piston to give a refined, comfortable and well controlled ride, particularly on change of direction.

New Triple Lip Oil Seal is the latest evolution of dependable triple lip check valve oil seal. It incorporates new gas retention check valves to virtually eliminate contaminant damage while providing outstanding gas and oil retention and withstands greater internal pressures and higher temperatures.

New Rod Guide features a larger rod guide design that provides greater support to the oil seal and increased reserve tube volume for oil fill and gas expansion.

New Slip Ring comprises Teflon infused bronze and eliminates uncontrolled bleed through the rod guide. Tight tolerances between the rod and slip ring ensure consistent and uniform damping performance.

New Dirt Shield made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is impact resistant – will not shatter, split or crack when subjected to off-road debris thrown up by tires.

Old Man Emu Springs - Heavy Duty:

Old Man Emu springs come all the way up from down under, where Australian engineers have custom-built a tough spring for your Rover.


Old Man Emu springs are shot peened, double scragged and thoroughly load tested to give you a heavy-duty upgrade that improves ride and handling. Thoroughly tested and improved on Australia’s rugged outback, these springs are ready for your own test and approval.


Light weight springs are considered OE-spec rated or standard, medium weight springs offer improved vehicle handling and performance with some improved load weight capability.


These Heavy Duty Springs are best for vehicles handling added weight or stress regularly (such as vehicles used regularly off-road or for trailering/towing.)