Trip to Big Bend National Park

Even though the trip was taken some time ago, March 2019,  adding the blog page to the website called for this trip taken some 9 months ago. 

This was the second trip we have taken to the park, I will ensure to do a write up about that soon; both trips were adventures in their own right for different reasons. 

One item that made this trip so adventurous was that it was very spur of the moment. My wife was able to get some time off last minute and we knew it was time to go to Big Bend!

We left on a late Thursday and got on the road at 8pm; after getting the truck loaded and food in the cooler from our local HEB. Even though Big Bend is a good six hour haul we headed out and we would decide where to pull of to get some shut eye when we got near Ft. Stockton. 

We chose this because we knew how beautiful the sunrise would be driving in to Big Bend the next morning; plus we really did not want to set up in the dark. 

We pulled of just outside Ft. Stockton, Texas and crashed in the back of the LR3 with our pup, Turtle. Yeah, it's weird, we have a pup named Turtle.

The next morning we got on the road around 6 a.m., stopped off in Alpine, Texas at one of our favorite little coffee shops and headed in to the park. We did not have a dispersed camping location; we have a friend with some camping spots in Terlingua, Texas. 

We got to the location, we had been there before, just to scope it out and we started our adventure around the park. 

This particular picture is one of the mornings during sunrise; Google Photos put this together from some sunrise stills that I took. Nothing wrong with waking up to this each day. 


Here we are heading up to Pine Canyon...we just could not get over how beautiful it was. 


Here we were leaving Pine Canyon, this photo was taken deeper in to Pine Canyon than the picture above.


I believe this photo was taken on Glenn Springs Road, which is the road you take to get to Pine Canyon Road. Once you leave Pine Canyon Road, you can take a right and follow Glenn Springs Road all the way to River Road. If I recall this will take a couple of hours; there are no major technical driving needed, but would still suggest a four wheel drive with high clearance. 


I wish now that I would have taken more pictures on Glenn Springs Road, it really had some interesting terrain features. 

This particular trip we really wanted to expand our exploring around the park, not necessarily a hike, but to drive around and see some more of what the park had to offer. 

These two pictures were taken at the Santa Elena Overlook, where you see the foot of the terrain feature is the Rio Grande, pulling this picture up in Google actually shows it in Chihuahua, Mexico.


Santa Elena

This photo is on River Road E., which Glenn Springs Road connects with, we took a left to get back to the main road to go visit Boquilla Crossing which is below. I would not suggest accessing River Road when there has been a lot of rain; a lot of low lying areas on this road. 


We really enjoyed the location of this next picture, again this is right on the Rio Grande, there are a lot of locations in the southern area of the park with access to the river. What made this so fun is that to the right of this picture there is trail access down to the river; it was really cool to actually be right at the bank of the Rio Grande river!

Where the trucks are located in the picture, you could here the guys playing their music and chit chatting under the tree. Where the canoe is located they cross the river and place trinkets to be purchased with a can to collect the money. 

I had hear about this some years ago, but it was really neat to actually visit this spot. Just down the road, Boquilla Canyon Road, there is a border crossing where you can spend the day in Boquilla, make sure you bring your passport so you can get back in to the US.