Chat About Replacement Parts

Recently I have created a quite a bit of content regarding me addressing some low/rough/cold & hot idle on the Rover. 

A couple of weeks ago the truck just started running HORRIBLE; it came pretty quickly after I was having issues with the Road Speed Sensor. So, I assumed that it was coupled with the speed sensor going out. 

Around the same time I had ordered a used Bosch Ignition Coil for the truck; not that anything was wrong with it; but it was just old! Like really old. The new/used coil arrived and quickly I pulled the coil plug wire the entire tip of the coil was burned! So solved that problem pretty quick! Had zero idea that a plug wire would burn the end of the coil so badly; I believe it was due to high resistance in the coil wire; the spark plug set I was using was horrible and at the time did not realize how cheaply made they were. 

So, I ordered a STI plug wire set and when I connected the new coil wire it fired right up and ran as it should! I did not have time that day to replace the entire set so left that for the weekend. 

As far as the parts remaining to put on the Rover were the fuel temperature sensor and the coolant temperature sensor; along with the new and upgraded plug wires from STI. 

In this video I chat a bit about this experience; if you have any questions please feel free to reach out!


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Happy Rovering!