1993 Range Rover Classic 14cux ECU

In this bog post I simply want to share a neat resource that I found online while researching for the fuel temperature sensor and the coolant temperature sensor. My truck has been experiencing a rough idle, and besides that with her being 27 years old I want to have these bits sorted and updated anyway. 

The following picture are the previously mentioned parts, to included a high quality rotor arm that I purchased from my local independent Rover shop.

Hill Country British, located in San Antonio, Texas. 

My curious brain likes to understand why and how the temperature sensors are controlled; just not only what their task is. I feel really understanding a problem is actually understanding the problem; just not the problem on the surface. 

I seem to be getting a rough idle when the RRC is hot; which leads me to think that the fuel temperature sensor could need to be replaced. I have also checked into the coolant temperature sensor and found out that if this module goes bad it can actually alter the entire performance of the engine; who new.

So this weekend I have some work to do and are really excited to be getting these modules replaced and see how the engine performs. 

Here is the link that I promised; it details out the 14cux which is the brains my Classic.


This site really explains the 14cux extensively and if you have a curious brain; this could help you gain some understanding of your truck!

Here is also another resource I found on Wikepedia; considering the source proceed with caution. 


Happy Rovering!